Machineries A.B. inc. – A Fine Reputation

Since 1984

Founded in 1984 to meet a critical need for an agricultural repair service in the area, Machineries A.B. inc. quickly expanded and developed its services, offering machining and welding services , and a diverse inventory of parts of all kinds.

New Administration, Same Excellent Service

In 2004, the company founder, Mr. Renald Bari, decided to put his company up for sale. Mme Hélène Baril and Mr. Alain Tessier, both employees for many years, decided to purchase the company in February 2005.

A Winning Combination

Soon after, the new owners met Mr. Sylvain Dubois, the owner of Hydraulique Plus 04. After discussions in May 2005, the two companies merged. Machineries A.B. inc., the new business, is offering its vast clientele a more complete and diversified range of services, then included the great expertise of Hydraulique Plus 04.

Looking to the Future with Optimism

After several years of service, Alain et Hélène wishing to sell their company's shares. In February 2013 Sylvain Dubois and Sébastien Audy, newly employed by the company, jointly acquired the operations. Sébastien, trained in the field of mechanical design, became a remarkable asset to the existing team. The company, with its solid reputation, has continued to offer a wide range of quality services in keeping.

In January 2014, Machineries A.B. inc. acquired the Hardy range of log loaders, a company that stands out for its quality standards – standards that we respect. We thus have a wide range of log loaders for your forestry operations. Note that we coat this equipment with a powder paint finish to preserve its high quality.